Ten Funny Holiday Complaints From The Past Year


Ten Funny Holiday Complaints From The Past Year

SINCE THE RE-DESIGN of our website this year (2017) we have brought back some of our most loved and best-read articles and this includes the ‘Ten Funny Holiday Complaints From The Past Year‘ which we actually originally published back in March 2011. Hopefully, you will then find the article just as fun to read as it was all those years ago.

At that time, a top leading UK-based independent online travel agent decided to publish information on that year’s most absurd and funniest customer complaints they had received. Listed below is what was considered to be the top ten.

  • Now first in this list of top ten is a complaint that caught the attention of the team from a lady who with her friend had travelled to Dubai. When both these travellers turned up at their UK airport and were asked to produce their passports at check-in, the lady and her friend found themselves in a bit of an awkward situation. The reason being is that as they said nobody from the travel company had reminded them to take the passports with them they believed they didn’t actually need them and therefore did not have the passports with them!
  • The second complainant in this list was a lady who had booked a summer holiday to wonderful Lanzarote in the Canary Islands. However, the lady in question decided to put in a complaint on behalf of her family of four regarding their beach experience at this holiday island. The basis of her complaint was that because of the extremely warm weather, the sand on the beach was far too hot and her children were not able to walk to the sea to enjoy a swim.
  • Now most people when they book an All Inclusive holiday so so knowing exactly what is included especially when it comes to food and drink. However, a man who went on holiday to the Costa Del Sol made a complaint about the buffet food at the hotel. Basically, he stated that there was simply too much and this caused him to see his weight increase by 5lbs and he wasn’t best pleased.
  • Now you really can’t make up some of these criticisms or imagine that anyone would actually make such complaints but apparently, they do. This time, another male holidaymaker who was having a vacation in Majorca was not happy about the amount of bikini-clad female sunbathers on the beach. This is because he fell out with his wife whilst there because his wife caught him eyeing them up on more than just a single occasion.
  • The next funny complaint surrounds a couple who had spent a fortnight in the holiday resort of Marmaris in Turkey. They stated that they were disappointed with their time away because there were ‘too many English people’ in Marmaris. They went on to say that the reason for choosing this destination was to experience somewhere that they felt was more exotic but that this was not the case.
  • Our next complaint sees a man who complained to the travel company sunshine.co.uk about his trip to Portugal and that he had not had the chance to fully enjoy his time away. The reason being is that the bed in his hotel room was simply ‘too comfy’. Due to this fact, he overslept on many occasions whilst away. Ultimately he would have preferred to be up earlier in the day to make the most of his holiday!
  • Next, we have a group of young adults who had chosen the popular and lively resort of Ayia Napa in Cyprus for their holiday destination. However, one of them decided to complain about the reception being open 24 hours and that this meant they felt they were being judged when returning late tho their room. This is despite this particular holiday resort being well known for late nights and partying. The young lady in question who made the complaint stated they would have preferred to see the reception without staff.
  • A further complaint that made it onto this list involves Prada Sunglasses that a gentleman bought whilst on holiday in Tenerife. His complaint was that on his return to the UK he found that the sunglasses were fake. He had not realised this even though the bought them from a street seller for €4.50.
  • Another holiday traveller decided to make a complaint that he was not able to enjoy his flight to the Indian Ocean Island of Mauritius due to his fear of heights!
  • In the final funny holiday complaint on our list, a man on holiday in Bulgaria with his wife complained about the loud lovemaking noises coming from the room next to theirs. This had made him feel under extreme pressure to initiate sex with his own wife.

As with all travel agents, whether land based or online, they generally appreciate hearing feedback from their customers even if this is in the form of a complaint. It is important for them to get the chance to pass on good comments to their team or try to rectify any issues their holidaymakers may have.

However, sometimes things are out of their control such as how many other English tourists there are in a resort, or gaining weight due to an abundance of tasty food or even how hot the sand is.

I hope you have enjoyed re-reading this list of Ten Funny Holiday Complaints From The Past Year!

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